Bactest was founded to commercialise intellectual property based on its technology platform CYTOMAIA. Bactest has a patent portfolio of 10 patents some granted, some pending and has plans to file more intellectual property to protect its product lines.

Bactest is unique in that its intellectual property is centred around measuring and monitoring microbial activity and turning that activity into data and knowledge that enable its customers to make management and operational decisions that save time, carbon footprint and energy.

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Our Products

Bactest’s first product was Speedy Breedy.  This device can be thought of as a ‘Lab in a Box’, without the requirement for an expert user or the additional costs of a laboratory, extra lab equipment and preparation. Due to the fact our tests are accurate and fast, and can be carried out in-house, customers gain the benefit of significant time saving in obtaining reliable results, and can therefore make informed decisions and take much faster remedial action.

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Launched in November 2016, SeaSure is an integrated ballast water testing solution, suitable to be used on board ship, gathering test results on microbial, chemical and plankton contamination.

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