Shepherd in this months Water and Sewerage Journal

Shepherd is featured in this months Water & Sewerage Journal!  You can find the full magazine to read here, we’re on page 16.

Here’s a taste of the article –

Reduce electricity in activated sludge plants

Activated sludge (AS) processes have energy-intensive aeration systems, cost their operators large amounts in electricity, generate a large carbon footprint, and have sensor systems that require lots of maintenance.

A new solution to reduce these issues is the modern manometric respirometer. This measures the activity of biomass in AS and translates it into an accurate measure of the loading on the plant through biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) and the response of the biomass to the incoming food source. Using this measure, the correct aeration can be applied, reducing over-aeration often associated with dissolved oxygen probes, and typically reducing electricity costs by over 20 per cent.

Manometric respirometers have the advantage of measuring pressure changes associated with microbial activity, and, by utilising barrier-protected sensors, require very little maintenance and no calibration once aligned with the plants’ operation.